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Naya Sapta

Posted on Aug 12, 2014 by in Artwork - Comissioned, Artwork - Original | 0 comments

Naya Sapta“, the title of this illustration comes from the Sanskrit language. “Naya” means leader and “Sapta” means seven. This illustration depicts Indonesian nation hopes to Mr. Jokowi as Naya Sapta the seventh president of the Indonesian nation, hopefully to bring luck over the previous leader, as most people believe that the number seven is one of the main lucky number. The number seven is also one of the prime numbers in mathematics known as the natural numbers, such as the expectations of Indonesian nation today who crave the figure of a true leader, not only to rule, but also participated in building the nation with the people. Paired bright colors and contrasts in this illustration would like to represent the cultural diversity in the nature of the archipelago are united in harmony, in accordance with the ideals of the nation Indonesia.


Detail view.


Mockup for Marketeers Magazine Cover


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