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Ceria Bersama

Posted on Oct 18, 2014 by in Artwork - Comissioned, Artwork - Original | 0 comments

I created this work is to follow a ‘shopping card’ illustration design contest held by a conveniece store (Indomaret) in cooperation with an Indonesian bank (Bank Mandiri). Because not included in the first stage of selection, I was a little disappointed actually. But it’s okay, I am quite satisfied with the results of this work. At the very least, this work can be one of the works in my portfolio.

The concept is very simple, illustrates some of the people representing several segments of society in Indonesia, especially the students and housewives, most often shop at convenience stores. then the colors that I use here is a blend of colors convenience store itself and the main color of the banks that cooperate in the making of this card.

Ceria Bersama a

Ceria Bersama – Front

Ceria Bersama b

Ceria Bersama – Back


Indomaret Card Mockup

Indomaret Card Mockup


This is a video behind the making of this illustration, I hope you can watch it and enjoy it. Thank you.









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